far [fär]
FARTHER, farthest: see also FURTHER, FURTHEST farther [ME farr, fer (> dial. form fur) < OE feorr, akin to OHG ferro < IE base * per-, forward, beyond > L per, Gr per]
1. distant in space or time; not near; remote
2. extending a long way [a far journey]
3. more distant [the far side of the room]
4. very different in quality or nature [far from poor]
FARTHER farthest: see also FURTHER, FURTHEST farther
1. very distant in space, time, or degree
2. to or from a great distance in time or position
3. very much; considerably [far better]
4. to a certain distance or degree [how far did you go?]
a distant place [to come from far]
as far as
1. to the distance, extent, or degree that
2. Informal with reference to; as for
by far
considerably; to a great degree; very much: also far and away
far and near
far and wide
widely; everywhere
far be it from me
I would not presume or wish
far gone see phrase under GONE far out
go far
1. to cover much extent; last long
2. to accomplish much; achieve much success
in so far as
to the extent or degree that
so far
up to this place, time, or degree: also thus far
so far as
to the extent or point that
so far, so good
up to this point everything is all right
SYN.- FAR generally suggests that which is an indefinitely long way off in space, time, relation, etc. [far lands ]; DISTANT, although also suggesting a considerable interval of separation [a distant sound ], is the term used when the measure of any interval is specified [desks four feet distant from one another ]; REMOTE is applied to that which is far off in space, time, connection, etc. from a place, thing, or person understood as a point of reference [a remote village ]; REMOVED, used predicatively, stresses separateness, distinctness, or lack of connection more strongly than REMOTE -ANT. NEAR, CLOSE2

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